Drief Introduction

GOIP is a single GSM gateway, connects VoIP and GSM networks. Users could build own system for voice traffics between VoIP and GSM, supports SIP protocols, SMS and USSD Messaging. Diversity features, flexible configurations and perfect voice quality together brings excellent product for VOIP business.


• Support RJ45 Wired Connection, and 4G Wireless Connection.

• VoIP and GSM Voice Traffics.

• Relay Encrypted Bandwidth savings.

• Authentication and Filters of Voice Traffics..

Software Features:

• VOIP Protocol : SIP.

• Voice Codes: G711, G729.

• Signaling Encryption.

• Media Encryption.

• Remote Control.

• Support Loss Package Compensation.

• Adaptive Jitter Buffering.

• Networks: IPv4, DHCP, PPPOE, Static IP.

• Support English and Chinese.


No. of GSM Channels 1
Power DC12V/1A
RAM 128Mb
Flash 32M
MAX Power Consumption 5W
Weight 0.15Kg
Dimensions 14 × 9.5 × 3cm

Typical Application:

Put SIM card into GOIP gateway, and connect to Softswitch or IPPBX, then will be able to connect to internet, use IP Phones, VOIP, FXS Gateway and Group Calls. GOIP Voice Traffics of local mobile and fixed networks.