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Nice International Telecom LIMITED

we have been offering the best solutions and payouts in the market. We have built our business on respect and trust. For many years we have processed more than 150’000 minutes per day. We have over 500 satisfied clients who can rely on our undertakings to pay out for every minute generated. If access was an issue for you until now, it won't be with us.


About Us


Nice International Telecom LIMITED

Nice Telecom is one of the world's leading international voice operators.Our customers include many of the world-known PTT’s, carriers, mobile operators, VoIP providers as well as residential and small business consumers. We have developed a stable and secure network infrastructure to provide high-quality telecommunications services to suppliers anywhere in the world,A high quality connection is guaranteed.
We also rely on our own servers and facilities to provide us with the advantages and flexibility to meet the personalized needs of any scale telecom business.We from strive not only to provide the best route quality, but also the best prices on the telecom market. Our POPs, numerous agreements with direct vendors, the huge number of interconnections help us to provide the best price-quality ratio.


Time-proved multifunctional platform for VoIP and SMS wholesale, that delivers quality services for any-sized telecom operators

Benefit from a proven set of VoIP wholesale termination services and high-quality CLI Routes with the best price-quality ratio.

Cost-effective and easy-to-use Class 4 VoIP Solution for providing stable and reliable voice services with reasonable investments.

The business management software to simplify your CRM tasks. Focus on business growth while keeping the accounting books happy.

We deliver a full range of carrier messaging services for SMS terminators, Bulk SMS providers, A2P and P2P aggregators.

For our state-of-the-art servers, we need to store them in only the most secure, dependable data centers. Security and reliability are two imperative traits we keep in mind when seeking…